February 2022

We are sharing here some links relating to Ukraine, from member organisations of NCPO and from wider Christian and Church community. This is not comprehensive and the views don’t necessarily represent those of all NCPO members, but we hope the list conveys something of Christian concerns at the moment and some of the options for pursuing peace.

The links are given below this prayer from Inderjit Bhogal, Honorary President, The Fellowship of Reconciliation.

A Prayer for Ukraine

Holy God,

We hold before you all who live close to war and conflict; and all who live close to the threat of war and violence.

We remember especially at this time, people in Ukraine and Russia. We pray for nonviolent and peaceful resolutions of conflict.

Give us to us all hearts of hospitality and sanctuary, forgive us all our hostility and hatred.

Bring all people to the humanity you give us, and to the reconciliation and healing for which you give your life.

Strengthen us all to work with you to build justice and peace, reconciliation and healing, in our hearts and homes, in our streets, in all communities, neighbourhoods and nations.

Bless all who live lives for the peace and wellbeing of others, and make their service fruitful.

In the name of Christ.


War in Ukraine – Voices and activities from the Church and Peace network

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Church leaders warn against war on Ukraine’s borders 

The choice in Ukraine is simple: Peace, not war

Patriarch Bartholomew urges peace in Ukraine amid invasion threat

Quakers in Britain condemn attack and call for end to fighting

World Methodist Council Statement on Ukraine/Russia

Polish bishops to Churches in Russia and Ukraine: pray for peace

Faith Groups Urge Leaders to Deescalate Tension, Pursue Peace in Ukraine

Ukraine: Some links and resources at a time of crisis

Military stand-off over Ukraine: 5 things you can do



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