“Strictly Disarming” for Nuclear Abolition Day

The Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is hosting an event at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment on the 5th June to call for a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC) banning all nuclear weapons.

‘Strictly Disarming’ will bring together supporters of global disarmament in a competition exploring the concept of a Nuclear Weapons Convention. Participants will bring their interpretation of the letters ‘NWC’ through music, theatre, posters or placards, or anything, to be judged by our distinguished panel. It will even be videoed for world-wide viewing!

Those interested in taking part are encouraged to arrive at the Main Gate of AWE at 1pm for a shared ‘Peace Picnic’ ready for the main event to start at 2pm. The event at AWE will be part of a global Nuclear Abolition Day, as thousands of people across the world will take part in local actions responding to the outcome of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, which has been taking place in New York throughout May.

Let us know in advance if you can and we can give you a good spot on the programme and on our website. Email: christians@cnduk.org



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