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The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) will enter into force on 22 January 2021 after Honduras became the 50th state to join the Treaty. We are marking the occasion with a Zoom celebration which will feature speakers from across the four nations of the UK and the Bargn Nuri Community in South Korea, whose members have lived in the shadow of nuclear threat for many years.

Join us for our Zoom celebration on Friday 22 January

The TPNW is a landmark international agreement which will ban nuclear weapons in the same way as chemical and biological weapons have previously been banned. The Treaty has been decades in the making and is the result of tireless campaigning and diplomatic efforts by many around the world. Campaigners have long called for nuclear weapons to be banned due to the indiscriminate nature and the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of their use. Many members of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations have been involved with these efforts in the UK and through partnership with the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons. ICAN was a driving force behind the Treaty, receiving the Nobel Peace prize for its work in 2017.

Christians around the world have been working to bring the Treaty into force since it was agreed by the United Nations. The Holy See was one of the first states to join and the Pacific Council of Churches urged states to join, many did so. Countless individual Christians across the world have been working and praying for the Treaty for decades.

Many Christian traditions and denominations in the UK have supported the idea of a Treaty to ban nuclear weapons for some time. The Baptist Church, Church of Scotland, Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and Quakers have long-standing positions opposing nuclear weapons and have welcomed the Treaty. The Church of England passed a motion in 2018 calling for the Government to “respond positively” to the Treaty and in November 2020 31 Anglican Bishops signed an open letter calling on the UK to sign the Treaty. At the start of 2021 the Catholic Bishops Conference of Scotland and England and Wales called on the UK to “forsake its nuclear arsenal”.

When the Treaty enters into force nuclear weapons will be banned under international law in the same way as other weapons of mass destruction. All signatories are required to encourage other states to sign up to the treaty.

The TPNW is a comprehensive ban on nuclear weapons and other related activity. This includes:

A ban on the use, stockpiling, testing, production, manufacture, stationing and installation; a ban on assisting with the prohibited acts, such as the United States leasing the Trident missiles to the UK; a ban on allowing nuclear weapons to travel through territorial waters or airspace; the requirement of assistance to the victims of nuclear weapons. This is the first time this has been included in a treaty; requirement to take action in areas that have been damaged by the testing of nuclear weapon

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