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The Quaker peace testimony

2011 marked the 350th anniversary of the first written declaration of a Quaker peace testimony.  As part of making this Quaker Peace & Social Witness put together this leaflet that […]

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‘Quakers and Peace’ leaflets

Leaflets to explain the Quaker peace commitment to non-Quakers, A6 size single sheet booklet format.  Available in packs of 50 from the Quaker Bookshop for £3.00 including postage.  Cheques to […]

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Trident poster

This ‘Help Britain kick the nuclear addiction poster’ is available for £3 from the Quaker bookshop. It comes in large, B2 size and can be ordered by emailing or calling 020 7663 1030. […]

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US bases on British territory – Free briefing

A worldwide network of military bases provides the United States with a global platform for warfare and espionage.  This briefing, produced by Quaker Peace & Social Witness, discusses the history […]

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