About the NCPO

NCPO is a UK-based ecumenical network committed to peace as central to the meaning of church community. We are a broad group of organisations in the Christian peace tradition committed to furthering peace and encouraging our churches to support the peace movement. The network currently consists of 20 organisations


The Role of NCPO

While our scope of work is limited by the size and demands placed on the energy and resources of member organisations, the network remains open to opportunities that are timely and for which we have the enthusiasm and resources to make happen. Our priorities are:

  1. Sharing insights about peace and peace issues
  2. Sharing information about our work – via meetings, the website and the email list
  3. Coordinating joint projects:
    • a) Projects initiated by individual NCPO members and brought to NCPO for support
    • b) Responsive projects e.g. around key decision making opportunities such as the General Election or votes on military or peace-building related issues.

Although the following work is not currently undertaken by NCPO, we aspire to do advocacy work and Interfaith work

Current structure & communications

  1. A steering group of representatives from FoR, NFPB, Pax Christi, QPSW plan the meetings. The role of Chair is shared. NFPB act as Treasurer. Anglican Pacifist Fellowship  undertake the role of keeping communication moving between meetings.
  2. 2 full-day meetings and two SKYPE meetings each year.
  3. Website where members post news/resources/events.
  4. A Yahoo mailing group.

Criteria for Membership

Member organisations of NCPO / organisations seeking membership should be:

  • Christian
  • Committed to and involved in the promotion of peace and nonviolence
  • Willing to contribute to NCPO projects in whatever way is appropriate to their organisation
  • Willing to pay an annual subscription
  • Able to attend at least 1 NCPO meeting a year

If your organisation is interested in becoming an NCPO member, please contact Tilly Martin at Anglican Pacifist Fellowship tilly@anglicanpeacemaker.org.uk , and be prepared to send a letter of interest for consideration at the next NCPO meeting.

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